• Lisa Angelina Goertz

My intention to live Y O G A

A very short note, why I choosed Yoga as a daily routine in my life

It is simple. I do Yoga to cultivate a loving heart ♥ day by day, again and again.

That is the whole story!

I don't care about stretching my leg higher, jumping more softly or twisting my spine more. Sure, these are definitely nice side effects and it happens automatically with daily practice. But that is no goal why I step on my mat day by day, again and again.

To show more compassion than yesterday, to be kind, always, to give and help others, especially those who have no voice, without expecting anything in return, to speak true words, to go where i really want to, to do what i really wish to, to be real and open. To remind me that life is love! To be here and now! That is my daily intention. That is why I wanna live yoga ♥

5 Things I Have Learned From Doing Yoga

There are several lists of things we can learn from practicing yoga. They are called the

Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, printed and published in a book all over the world.

A lot of these lessons you can learn and benefit from without having to read the books! All you have to do is show up on your mat and be present. How do I know?

Because I learnt them that way too! 

1. Trust

Physical poses improve our self-confidence and in turn our ability to trust ourselves, inside and out.  Everything takes time and dedication. Yoga is called a “practice” for a reason. You don't need to stand on your head to practice: it's all part of the practice. Mastering physical yoga poses takes patience. Meditation instills patience. Stillness, dreams, and relationships all thrive with patience. And thank heavens, patience is something we can learn. We can't get everything done in one day, and that's very much okay. Building the understanding that one day we are strong enough to hold specific shapes for long periods of time is not just physical; it becomes quite internal, and that growth can help develop a huge amount of trust in our life off the mat.

Trust those things that feel right in your heart. Trust where love takes you. It's your truth.

2. Listen

Your body is always communicating with you. Listen. After a while we learn how to listen to our bodies and prevent an injury, or help heal one. Getting to know our body is one of the biggest benefits of long-term yoga practice. More than that, yoga grooms us to listen attentively to all those messages that the body sends us so we don’t get hurt.

3. Forgive

Yoga teaches us to forgive ourselves and others. It doesn’t make anyone’s actions more right; it just liberates each of us from any resentment or anger over something that cannot be changed. We learn from it, forgive it, and move on. Forgiveness doesn’t change the past – but it most definitely changes the future.

4. Slow Down

Yoga teaches us how to move mindfully, make decisions mindfully, breathe, and take a moment to find clarity in a fast-paced world. There are four seasons in the natural world. There's time for activity and time for calm, time to work and time to rest. Slowing down is, sometimes, just what you need. Be in this season of your life. Embrace every speed and phase. It's all a practice.

5. Accept Imperfection

We are not perfect; no one is. In fact, it is totally okay to fail, and fall, and stumble. We are all learning, and our yoga practice is a wonderful way to stay in that mindset and keep going.

Whatever your goals, lists, mistakes, imperfections, dreams, past, clothes, bank account, opinions, you are enough. 

What about you - Have you already think about why you are stepping onto your mat?

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